U.S. Nationals 2012 Fort Worth Texas

ERM Pampero
1st- Amateur Performance Geldings 7 and Over
1st- Performance Geldings 7 and over
1st- Amateur Performance geldings
Champion- Amateur Performance Geldings
Champion- Performance Geldings
Champion of Champions- Performance Geldings

Patron EC
1st- Colts in Bozal 3-4 Years
Best Bozal Horse of Show

Milonguero EC
2nd-  Stallions 7 and Over
2nd- Stallions Gait 7 and Over

Pretenciosa EC
2nd- Fillies 3-4 in Bozal

Preciosa EC
4th- Amateur Performance Mares 7 and Over

2011 U.S. National Championship Show North American Peruvian

Extraordinary performance of El Corcel Horses!

Geronimo EC - 1st in Stallions Breeding 4 to 6, 1st in Merito Zootecnico Stallions, Champion Breeding Stallion, Champion of Champions Breeding Stallion
AEV Primorosa - 2nd in Mares Breeding 4 to 6, Champion Breeding Mare, Champion of Champions Breeding Mare
Milonguero EC - 1st in Stallions Breeding 7 and over, 1st in Amateur Performance Stallions 7 and over, 1st in Stallions Gait, Reserve Champion Amateur Performance Stallion

2011 Northeast Peruvian Horse Show

AEV Primorosa - 1st in Mares Breeding 4-6, Champion Breeding mare, Champion of Champions Breeding Mare
Geronimo EC - 1st Merito Zootecnico Stallions, 1st Stallions Breeding 4-6, Reserve Champion Breeding Stallion
Milonguero EC - Champion of Champions Amateur Performance Stallion
Duque EC - 2nd Luxury Geldings 4-6
ERM Pampero - 1st in Amateur Performance Gelgings 7 & over, 2nd AOR Luxury Geldings, Champion Performance Gelding, Champion of Champions Performance Gelding